Top 3 Best Speakers from International Brands Available in India Now

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What matters the most to a music buff is the pleasure of enjoying their favourite music without any disturbance. And to feel that, investing in a high-end, premium quality speaker is a must as it has the capability to enhance the sound quality and pitch level at the optimum level for audiophiles. But the dilemma is that there are too many options in the market and picking the best becomes extremely confusing. So to ensure that you only enjoy music without having to worry about the quality and getting the maximum value for your money, here are the top 3 best speakers which you should buy.


Meridian’s Premium Audio System has been the choice of audiophiles all around the world and it is now available in India as well. Their speakers are known to provide the most authentic and immersive high-resolution audio listening experience. Other than being the market leader for its wide range of advanced speakers for living spaces, Meridian is also known for its highly-demanded audio systems for high-end and luxurious cars like Mercedes, Jaguar, Range Rover, McLaren, etc.

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Another international brand distributed solely by Sound of Music in India. AvantGarde’s speakers are engineered using the cutting-edge Horn technology. This exclusive advancement ensures maximum performance for the excessively obsessed music-lovers. Furthermore, the speakers have been aesthetically designed to suit the decor of your house.

Avantgarde High End Speakers in India - Sound Of Music


Ceratec, a German manufacturer is known for designing some of the most heavy duty speakers which are slim in appearance. Their effect floor speaker is designed to suit the ultra-modern taste and is fully operational without a sub-woofer. Ceratec also manufactures invisible speakers.

Ceratec Premium Speakers Available in India - Sound Of Music

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All these speakers are from renowned international brands and fall under different price category. Pick one that suits your budget and get ready to rock your house.


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