Important Tips for Setting up Your Own High End Home Theater

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A home theater is not just about picking the right design and the right brand of best high-end home theater speakers. There are many things that are essential to complete a home theater system. If you’re looking forward to building one from scratch, here are a few important tips that will be of immense help to you.

Speakers from the same brand

Whether you want a 5 piece or a 13 piece speaker set, make sure it is from one single brand. It will be easy to set up and you will get consistent performance at the same quality level. With a little bit of research, you will be able to get the best bet. There are several international brands as well that are available in the Indian market and that too at affordable rates. Click here to know more.

Getting a HDTV

 It is not that your regular TV is a problem, but a home theater system is not complete without a HDTV. Playing games or watching movies become a simulating experience when you get an HDTV as part of your home theater system. If you have the budget, you should definitely go for one as such TVs are available at reasonable rates in the market. Additionally, they are easy to move and come with many features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in internet streaming, etc.

Having a receiver

A receiver is the hub which handles the system’s AV such as the set-top box, consoles, etc. It is used to connect all the gears and organize and manage them all.

Other important DIY Home Theater set-up tips
  • Avoid setting up the system in a room with walls having the same length
  • Place the screen and front speakers on a narrow wall
  • Mount the back-surround speakers on the side wall
  • If within budget, go for freestanding speakers
  • If the large front speakers don’t have powerful bass drivers, get at least one subwoofer
  • Keep the cable runs short
  • Generally, a 14-gauge speaker cable is the best for use
  • Opt for cables with metal connectors for better sound experience

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