Mirror TV – A Multipurpose TV Set for Your Luxury Home

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Cutting edge technology, tremendous applicability, or sheer brilliance of design; a mirror TV has it all. A mirror television is not only an elegant piece of technology that enhances your viewing experience but is also indistinguishable from a framed mirror when off, therefore offering multiple functionalities in a single design. Nowadays, home automation systems in India incorporate mirror television to inject balance and symmetry into the existing room decor, therefore allowing you to integrate TV in a space that usually doesn’t have one.

Easy Customizations on Offer

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Mirror TV come with a variety of unique design configuration options including display size, framing, mirror size, and technology upgrades. You can also opt for a number of versatile entertainment solutions to go with the setup, which make mirror TV an ideal accessory for areas such as bathrooms, spas, gyms, and pool areas. These world class TV screens in India feature anti-reflective double sided toughened glass and are completely sealed from water jets and dust ingress, so that you have nothing to worry about.

Display Beyond Traditional to Engage Your Senses

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Leading manufacturers of mirror TV screens in the world such as Blumont and Videotree focus on creating the perfect viewing experience for the users. Therefore, the finest mirror TV models in the world, usually feature dielectric glass along with heat sink fins running around the edge of the frame to deliver engaging high definition display together with impeccable contrast ratio when the TV is on, and a clear reflection when it is off. With a sleek frame to complete the look of the mirror TV, you will always have the perfect focal point to suit your decor.

Specialized Electronics

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Unlike most TVs, mirror TV are engineered with specialized electronics using cutting edge technology to ensure better cord concealment and thinner design profile. Mirror TV feature an anticipatory cable management with inputs and outputs facing upwards instead of straight back as in the case of regular television models. In addition, these TV screens are manufactured using industrial grade panels to deliver the highest quality image that will last. Specialized electronics such as a reverse infrared port, full control and audio output along with multiple HDMI ports are usually standard on a mirror TV.

Design to Suit Every Space

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Be it your living room or bathroom, you can always go for a customized mirror TV unit to compliment your existing decor needs. These TV screens can either be recessed into a wall or surface-mounted to deliver a sleek appearance and flush finish. You can also opt for a variety of customizable frames to complete the look of the unit as some quaint mirror, or go without one to design a minimalistic television cum mirror assembly.

Wrapping Up

Having a mirror TV screen in your luxury home provides an additional versatility to the space along with the flexibility of displaying content elegantly, without digressing much from the existing decor. World class mirror TV screens in India are nothing less than a sensational piece of functional art that are handcrafted using a wide variety of finishes, highest quality mirror materials, and frame styles. While installing them is surprisingly easy, you can be sure of their functional integrity being intact even in extreme environments such as those of spas, gyms, and bathrooms, unlike traditional flat screen televisions.


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Where to Position Speakers Properly in Your Home Theater

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Invested a lot of effort and time on getting that new home theatre system installed? Well, there’s a lot more to actually getting the best out of it. Getting a quality equipment and Best high end home theater speakers for your home and then not placing them the right way can turn out to be a big low, not giving you the desired output. Spend some time thinking about placing and positioning your high quality speakers properly. Regardless of the number of speakers that come along with a home theatre system, the ultimate aim is the precise placement of the speakers for the perfect special effects and sound quality.

The fact is,

Speaker designers and sound experts put in a lot of energy and thought to offer you a perfectly realistic and enjoyable sound system for your home. But, in order to take complete advantage of all that energy invested in producing some awesome soundtracks and movie scores, you too have to invest a little energy of your own. Every room, every corner of your house is different. Always remember that not all your rooms are going to be in perfect size or shape for your sound system. Some may prefer placing the same in living area and some might love it in the bedroom. Wondering how and where to start?

You don’t have to worry about it as we have already accumulated a few tips on how you can position your premium speakers properly in your home theater. Here you go:


When home theater was newly introduced in the market, a 5.1 system was available. Now even 7.1 is standard and 9-channel and 11-channel surround sound processors are increasingly being launched with other Premium Speakers in India.

  • Avoid placing them in corners because it is where the walls, ceiling and floor meet. The corner of a room can make the sound waves bounce around in your room, especially at the bass end. The bass will often appear ‘boomy’ if your speakers are too close to the corner. Though you can also try placing the sub-woofer near to the corner of some other room to boost the bass in the room as each room is different and something that works well in one room may not work in another. So, go ahead and experiment.

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  • Do not place them close to walls, ceilings and floors. As mentioned in the above point, avoid doing so. Because if you place it this way, the bass will be increased and it will artificially change the sound of the speakers. Moreover, the sound waves can reflect off these hard surfaces and delay the sound waves reaching your listening position. This will in turn create poor clarity and stereo imaging. On the other hand, some smaller speakers may actually benefit from being mounted on/near walls. So, note that the bigger the speaker, the more important it is to keep it away from walls.

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  • Eliminate any obstruction that comes in the way of the sound reaching your ears. You won’t get the perfect sound from your speakers if curtains, TV, furniture or any other item is obstructing its way. This is because the obstructions will make the sound waves to bounce around the room instead of reaching you.

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  • Technical positioning of speakers: The center channel speaker should be centered either below or above your home theatre or monitor in front of the location where you’ll be sitting. You should place the tweeters in the front speakers at ear level for best audio performance. Do compare their height to that of your center channel speaker. Therefore, if the center speaker is higher or lower than the front speaker tweeters, tilt it slightly so that it points directly at your listening area. The sub-woofer can be placed anywhere in the room, usually in the front, to make it easier to run speaker cables.

Finally, surround speakers must be positioned at the 90 degree spots on your imaginary circle and 12-18 inches above ear level and not directly behind your listening spot. These can also be mounted on walls for better sound.

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Few tips you can consider:

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. Every room is different and the methods presented above are general guidelines.
  • You can use masking tape on the floor to mark the speaker positions as you experiment with various placement options.

Home automation system in India is evolving with a great speed with people adapting to fresher lifestyles blended with entertainment. With players like Sound of Music offering the superior quality home theatre and automation systems, one can add to the beauty of perfect entertainment to their homes with an edge.

Thinking of upgrading your listening experience? Follow these tips and guidelines. Do sound off your comments below!

Important Basic Tips for Your Home Theater Setup

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Planning to set up a home theatre this season? Great! Nothing can beat the experience a fully automated and high end home theater system can give. Watching a movie or listening to music on a fully set up surround sound system and speakers indeed turn out to be an amazing experience. But, the route to an awesome home theatre system is not just spending a lot of money but setting up the system correctly with proper guidelines too!

Hence, here are a few guidelines and tips we share through this article and a walk through the basics of the home theatre setup. Check it out to really make your home theatre system shine and entertain you to the fullest!



When it comes to choosing a TV for the home theatre system, bigger is always the better. But most importantly, you should choose the TV based on the size of your room. You should scale the maximum number of people who would be viewing the screen from a particular distance to get the maximum enjoyment.

In addition to the size of the TV, it is also important to keep a check on the type of lighting in the room that you would be keeping. It lets you lower the strain on eyes while watching TV and make the picture quality much better. Plasma or LCD– you should make the choice accordingly. Plasma is cost effective and best for dark rooms. LCD is good for brighter rooms and induce low power consumption & are of higher quality. And when it comes to resolution, it’s for sure that more the pixels, higher the resolution.




 To get the perfect speakers, you first need to list down your requirement whether you need the same for music, movies or both. All home theater systems handle both movies and music, but if you wish to watch movies then you might want to look out for 4 high-end speaker boxes. Nowadays, home theatres come with the full package. Wireless speakers and woofers available these days, make the setup and easy process too. For a simple but high-quality sound placing two stereo speakers on either side of the TV is a good option.




You can place the TV and couches first followed by a plan to place the speakers and receiver. Placement should be done based on the seating arrangement as per your desire. You can make the speaker placement before you begin running wires to make set-up easy and quick. Now place the two front speakers at ear height and angled towards your seating location.

Place the center channel speaker above or below the TV, side speakers in-line and above the viewers, rear speakers side by side along the center of the back wall and of course the sub-woofer along the front wall, mostly in the middle.




 While deciding the seating, it’s important to consider the fact that the theater is going to be used by your family only and is not going to be a once in a year party use thing. So, if you love great sound, design setup should be well thought of too! For example, designing 8 recliners or maybe just one row of 4 recliners and with some large bean bags and a couple of couches would be a good idea. So, choose your options and design wisely! Some manufacturers like Cineak offer the best recliner seating. Cineak Creation Recliners are created for the most luxurious home theater systems, Cineak offers recliners with leather upholstery, varying stitching finishes, ergonomic contours, real wood veneer and an independently controlled reclining mechanism.


From speakers to cables and wires, make sure everything is put in the right place. Getting the right connections will help make everything sound good.


Brands like Sound Of Music offer premium quality audio visual furniture and system for a seamless experience. Its products fit perfectly into your functional requirements and lifestyle. Some of the products offered include:

  • Chairs like cinema chairs and TV chairs for different areas like living rooms, lounges, etc.
  • Faux fur accessories
  • Technology-based products like Wall-pad Touch
  • Media player, Airplay and On-screen menu apps

Hope these few tips will help you set up your home theatre system smoothly. Do share your thoughts in the comments below!

Top 5 Common Questions on Wireless Smart Home Technology

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Technology is advancing and yes, there is no second thought about that! Also, it is advancing at a speed greater than people are able to adapt themselves to it. Be it entertainment, convenience, education, or work, technology is becoming an important aspect of each of our live! Don’t you agree?

Today, a technologically well-equipped home is considered the smart home! And a smart home leads to a smart life and ultimately a smarter you. As the world is becoming more and more connected, it is not surprising to see the popularity of smart home technology or home automation system in India reaching an all-time high and continuing to grow day by day.

But, it can be little intimidating for those of us who are new to smart home technology. As in, what is it all about? How can it help me? Where do I start? If you are wondering how to go about it and have a few questions on wireless home technology, then you have landed at the right place as we have answers.


  • What do I want my home automation system to do?

With a home automation system, you need to decide that which part of your home or life you want to simplify and enhance. This is because home automation systems are designed to provide efficiency and convenience to all the aspects of your home including your home theater, lighting, multi-room music, heating, cooling and security systems.

  • Terms like ‘smart home’, ‘home control’ and ‘home automation’ all sound same. So, what is the difference between them?

Well, home control and home automation are those things that the smart homes do. Home control means operating the lights, locks and thermostats in your home from a single device like your smartphone. And Home automation is the process of programming those devices in a way so that they operate automatically to best suit your lifestyle.

  • Will Home Automation Technology Be Difficult to Understand?

Not at all! It is no rocket science and no special degree is needed to understand and use the home automation to its full potential. The control mechanisms are in the form of easy-to-use keypads, touch screens, TV screen menus and remotes. Even navigation applications for iPhones, iPods and Web browsers are also available.

  • Does smart home technology increase the chances of my home to get hacked?

Well, any technology that uses internet for communication etc. is prone to get hacked. However, with smart and secure home automation solutions by Sound of Music it’s very unlikely. Its advanced security framework with smart home system is sure to secure your Wi-Fi network at all levels.


  • Will Home Automation cost me major lifestyle adjustments?

Home automation is modular and flexible so that you can easily use automation in one room at a time. For example, wanting to watch a movie will be simpler in a home theatre system room where the automation and lighting control will all be controlled with a single remote. Also, from there you can also expand your system to other sections of your house. This will lead to a simpler life with simple control options and not costing you any major lifestyle modifications or adjustments.


Hope the above list of questions helped you to answer a lot of your doubts! Still have more questions? Well, we too have more answers. Do share your thoughts in the comments and explore Sound Of Music to learn more about. Get started with your own smart home.

A Brief Guide to Using Designer AV Furniture for Your Home Theater

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Long gone are the days where AV furniture meant televisions in a cabinet, CDs on racks, etc. While they are still used to ooze the age-old charm but it doesn’t suit all the decors. Hence, there are trendy furniture pieces to suit the modern-day interior design trends. However, in order to pick the right designer AV furniture, one needs to keep a few things in mind. Here’s a brief guide that will come in handy. First things first, let us understand about Knocked and Assembled furniture.

Knocked: Knocked furniture or ready-to-assemble furniture is a single piece that is formed after assembling the unassembled pieces. It is less expensive but it does not mean that it is of cheap quality. Of course, you will have to conduct your research so that you make a good investment. One huge advantage of such type of furniture is that, you can easily replace a part that is damaged.

Assembled: Meant for people who want immediate solution, assembled furniture pieces come as one single unit. All you have to do is a pick a place and install the setup. These are rather expensive.

Now, let’s move onto some important things that you need to understand:

Invisible wires is a possibility

While HDMI did eliminate a lot of wires, it didn’t get rid of all of them. But, there are several AV systems that can be operated easily without wires. While some use the touch technology or app-based innovation, some simply choose to hide inside the ceiling or the wall to ensure that the interiors’ prettiness is not hampered. If not those, you can also opt for AV furniture that can hide all the wires with ease.

The equipment and furniture should co-exist

You need to make sure that the designer AV furniture and home theater system complement each other. To ensure that it happens, the best way to go about would be to buy both of these together. You also shouldn’t miss out on the detail that how well both the aforementioned things would match the aesthetic appeal of your house’s interior.

Important Tips for Setting up Your Own High End Home Theater

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A home theater is not just about picking the right design and the right brand of best high-end home theater speakers. There are many things that are essential to complete a home theater system. If you’re looking forward to building one from scratch, here are a few important tips that will be of immense help to you.

Speakers from the same brand

Whether you want a 5 piece or a 13 piece speaker set, make sure it is from one single brand. It will be easy to set up and you will get consistent performance at the same quality level. With a little bit of research, you will be able to get the best bet. There are several international brands as well that are available in the Indian market and that too at affordable rates. Click here to know more.

Getting a HDTV

 It is not that your regular TV is a problem, but a home theater system is not complete without a HDTV. Playing games or watching movies become a simulating experience when you get an HDTV as part of your home theater system. If you have the budget, you should definitely go for one as such TVs are available at reasonable rates in the market. Additionally, they are easy to move and come with many features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in internet streaming, etc.

Having a receiver

A receiver is the hub which handles the system’s AV such as the set-top box, consoles, etc. It is used to connect all the gears and organize and manage them all.

Other important DIY Home Theater set-up tips
  • Avoid setting up the system in a room with walls having the same length
  • Place the screen and front speakers on a narrow wall
  • Mount the back-surround speakers on the side wall
  • If within budget, go for freestanding speakers
  • If the large front speakers don’t have powerful bass drivers, get at least one subwoofer
  • Keep the cable runs short
  • Generally, a 14-gauge speaker cable is the best for use
  • Opt for cables with metal connectors for better sound experience

Top 3 Best Speakers from International Brands Available in India Now

What matters the most to a music buff is the pleasure of enjoying their favourite music without any disturbance. And to feel that, investing in a high-end, premium quality speaker is a must as it has the capability to enhance the sound quality and pitch level at the optimum level for audiophiles. But the dilemma is that there are too many options in the market and picking the best becomes extremely confusing. So to ensure that you only enjoy music without having to worry about the quality and getting the maximum value for your money, here are the top 3 best speakers which you should buy.


Meridian’s Premium Audio System has been the choice of audiophiles all around the world and it is now available in India as well. Their speakers are known to provide the most authentic and immersive high-resolution audio listening experience. Other than being the market leader for its wide range of advanced speakers for living spaces, Meridian is also known for its highly-demanded audio systems for high-end and luxurious cars like Mercedes, Jaguar, Range Rover, McLaren, etc.

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Another international brand distributed solely by Sound of Music in India. AvantGarde’s speakers are engineered using the cutting-edge Horn technology. This exclusive advancement ensures maximum performance for the excessively obsessed music-lovers. Furthermore, the speakers have been aesthetically designed to suit the decor of your house.

Avantgarde High End Speakers in India - Sound Of Music


Ceratec, a German manufacturer is known for designing some of the most heavy duty speakers which are slim in appearance. Their effect floor speaker is designed to suit the ultra-modern taste and is fully operational without a sub-woofer. Ceratec also manufactures invisible speakers.

Ceratec Premium Speakers Available in India - Sound Of Music

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All these speakers are from renowned international brands and fall under different price category. Pick one that suits your budget and get ready to rock your house.


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